Rail Service

In today’s business world being directly affected by the rising fuel costs and the ever changing green initiative footprint rail can provide a cost effective and reliable way to ship your goods. According to the AAR Policy and Economics Department: On average, railroads are three or more times more fuel efficient than trucks. Railroads move a ton of freight four times as far as trucks do per gallon of fuel. Each rail car is equivalent to 3 ½ truck loads

Duraport Marine & Rail Terminal can provide a dependable, cost-effective rail option with seamless efficiency to reduce transportation cost vital to your business. Duraport is an on site multi-rmodal rail facility with 60 railcar unit train capability and direct access to CSX & Norfolk Southern railroads. On Site 60 Car Unit Train Capability– Served by Con Rail, CSX & Norfolk Southern Direct into the Terminal and Within 200 Feet From Our Dock (3 private lines – 6,500 linear feet). On Site Rail Road Shuttle Wagon and 1 New Rail Scale.

Duraport Marine & Rail Terminal utilizing rail services from CSX and Norfolk Southern Fortune 500 Rail Transportation Company with over 21,000 miles of track and infrastructure across the United States with revenues exceeding $10 Billion dollars to ensure customers have a safe and reliable rail-based supply chain experience.

We Continue Our focus and commitment to high standards with strong emphasis on safety, quality of service & customer satisfaction.